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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Kids’ Dress-Up Clothes

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Make Play Costumes

image of girl in dress

Sometimes a child needs a little bit more than their imagination in order to play as their favorite hero or heroine. They need to look and feel the part, and in order to do that, they need a costume. You don’t have to make anything especially fancy for them. You just have to use your own creativity. Make a sheet into a ghost costume or strips of cloth into a mummy costume. When you want to try something more challenging, use patterns to make superhero or princess costumes. You can make them as fancy or as simple as you want.

Gather Dress-Up Clothes

image of girl in dress

Maybe you don’t like sewing, or maybe you made your last sewing project into a knotted mess before you finished. Whatever your reasons, you might find it easier to buy costumes instead of making them. Find old clothes at secondhand stores or thrift shops. Go out and buy specific princess costumes around Halloween or some other holiday. You never know what will end up being your child’s favorite costume. Just make sure that you build up a large stock of costumes so that your child can change his or her identity to suit whichever character they want to be next.

Handle Costume Problems

image of costumes

What exactly do I mean by “problems”? Well, imagine that your child loves to dress up like a princess every day. The first day of school rolls around, and she shows up at the breakfast table dressed like a princess. She doesn’t understand the difference between a costume and regular clothing, so you’ll have to teach her. Show her that her make-believe world is different from real life. After all, costumes get dirty, and they don’t necessarily protect your child from the elements. They also distract children during lessons, so don’t let them go to school while wearing them!